FLAG-MS designs and realizes turnkey solutions (HW and SW) for process control, data acquisition and power actuations.

Offered services and solutions are related to:
  • HW solutions development
  • SW & FW implementation
  • HMI customized for a specific applications

HW Solution Development

FLAG-MS develops control boards where programmable logics allows the implementation of high performance control strategies and power boards to drive different kind of actuators.

Control boards. FLAG-MS develops boards based on latest generation programmable devices, such as multicore MCU.
FLAG-MS control boards are addressed to control of systems, plant monitoring and data logging.

Power boards. FLAG-MS designs and builds boards based on different technologies according to the application nature (Si - SiC - GaN). According to the application, the more suitable topology is selected, analyzed and implemented to fulfill the system requirements.

SW & FW Implementation

FLAG-MS control boards are equipped with SW e FW optimized for industrial and automotive applications such as: electric motors, electromagnetic and electro-hydrostatic actuations, active magnetic levitation systems and process automation for industrial plants.
SW and FW code is entirely designed and developed according to customers requirements using Model-Based Design techniques, tested and optimized with Model in the Loop procedures.

HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)

Control and actuation boards and application SW are provided along with custom Human Machine Interfaces on Windows/LINUX platforms and based on standard communication protocols (CAN, Ethernet, UART).