FLAG-MS is a company skilled in design and realization of mechatronic systems for industrial and automotive fields.

In the automotive field FLAG-MS focuses the efforts on the hybrid/electric powertrain whose development and spread are sharply increasing in the lasts years.

In the electric powertrain FLAG-MS works on: electronic control unit development for the electric motors, electric motor control strategies, inverter, battery management system, battery module/pack design and construction.

In the industrial field FLAG-MS offers an HW/SW integrated solution devoted to:

  • industrial plant monitoring in agreement with “Industry 4.0”
  • industrial plant/test bench high performance control

FLAG-MS HW/SW solutions can be installed in a plant as an independent device of the overall system or as an add-on component able to communicate with the other components of the plant by means of industrial communication protocols.


Staff Mechatronic background allows to meet industrial demand on several fields: Magnetic levitation,energy recovery and management, energy scavenging, vibration damping, smart mobility.

FLAG-MS offers services in:

  • design consulting
  • design and realization of whole systems or of their subsystems
  • execution of experimental tests for plant or components characterization
  • design, realization, test and installation of electric powertrain

FLAG-MS strength relies on flexibility and creativity. Customized solutions are designed in full according to applications requirements as well as design assistence is provided to customers.

Company history
FLAG-MS was born in 2012 in Turin (Italy). Staff skills have been developed at Mechatronics Laboratory since 2005 in research applied to industrial and automotive applications. Design, realization and consulting services in industrial applications have been successfully conducted in 2012. In 2013-2014, in addition to the consulting activities for industrial and automotive applications, the company developed HW-SW solutions for plant monitoring and control (FCU and BCU boards). In 2015-2016 a further high performance industrial solution for plant monitoring purpose was developed (A2COM board), and on the other side, there was a increase of the automotive activities, in particular on the hybrid/electric powertrain development. In 2016 the first BMS by FLAG-MS was born, while in 2017-2018 the second generation BMS and the traction inverter for electric powertrain were developed as a result of the increasing effort of the company in the automotive field applications.