FLAG-MS is a company skilled in design and realization of mechatronic systems for industrial and automotive fields.

In the automotive field FLAG-MS focuses the efforts on the hybrid/electric powertrain whose development and spread are sharply increasing in the lasts years.

FLAG-MS offers:

  • Innovative solutions for industrial products design and realization with performance improvement and power consumption reduction as main objectives.
  • Assist customers and industrial partners along the activities of product and process innovation.

Mechatronic background of FLAG-MS staff is the key for successful activities across several engineering fields (automotive, industrial automation, energy recovery and harvesting).

Fabrizio IMPINNA
Mechatronics Ph.D / Mechatronics / CEO / Founder
Gianluca BOTTO
Mechatronics Ph.D / Electronics / CEO / Founder
Mechatronics Ph.D / Controls / CEO
Giovanni NEGRI
Mechatronics Ph.D / Software Architect
Davide BUFFA
Computer Science Eng. / Software Architect
Edoardo Matteo MARCHICA
Electric Eng. / Testing Engineer
Mechatronics Ph.D / Mechanics Engineer