FLAG-MS offers a complete support to its customers to realize efficient and reliable motor control solutions.
Proposed solutions are developed in several steps: problem analysis, simulations with numerical models, design and realization of HW support for control and power electronics, control laws design and system deployment.

FLAG-MS skills and experience help the client in the development of motor control application as:
  • Electric/hybrid powertrain
  • Home appliance
  • Service motor for industrial and automotive applications

Our skills cover every kind of electric motor, starting from brushed DC to AC assisted reluctance brushless motors, from bushless DC towards asynchronous motors.
For each specific application the best control technique is applied, for example:

  • Field oriented control (FOC), direct flux control (UDF)
  • Sensored or sensorless control
  • Standard PID controllers, model based predictive control MPC o ADRC
  • In case of brushless motors MTPA and MTPV are used to obtain the maximum motor performances

Simulation tools, software in the loop simulation, automatic code generation and software versioning guarantee code quality and results achievement.

Some applications developed by FLAG-MS in the motion control field are:
  • Inverter design and production, control implementation for on board brushless motor (2018)
  • Home appliance 500W asynchronous motor control (2018)
  • On board DC motor control for electric assisted parking pawl (2018)
  • Design and deployment of a 100kW, 20kHz, 500V traction inverter and control implementation for pure electric automotive powertrain (2018)
  • On board DC motor control for automatic tailgate (2017)
  • On board DC motor control for automatic door handle (2017)
  • Synchronous permanent magnet motor control for pure electric traction (2016)
  • 500W asynchronous motor control for water pumping application (2015)
  • Inverter design and control development for motorsport application with more than 100kW and switching frequency higher than 60kHz and DC link voltage up to 900V (2015)